Mrs Stjernfeldt Jammeh
Mayor of Malmö Stad
205 80 Malmö

26 November 2013

Dear Mrs Stjernfeldt Jammeh
Please allow me to draw your attention to a raising problem with the Shoppingcenter Entré that could become a real big problem for the City of Malmö and us ...

... Unfortunately it has never been succesful during it's duration of operation.

... It was imposible for all specialists to lease it out completely. The vacancy rate was between 30% in the beginning up to 45% recently.

... Base of our restructuring plan was and is a wide entrance at Värnhemstorget and the move of the Supermarket Hemköp. Without this movement the future of the Shoppingcenter will not work which is proved by the the current situation. Therefore we have asked for a change of zoning plan. But unfortunately we receieved now a draft for a building permission that excludes a movement of the supermarket and obligates us to continue running a Supermarket at Värnhemstorget.

If this draft should be decided we could not follow our concept and would have to stop all acitivities of restructuring. This would be a disaster for us and for the project in Värnhem as well.

We have checked alternatives very seriously but came to the conclusion that we don't see any alternatives to our concept.

We kindly ask you to enable a presentation of our restructuring concept in your office and a support regarding a possible change of the zoning plan.

With Best regards
Commerz Real Investment Investmentges.

Meinhart Krumrei
Project Manager

This letter has been abbreviated by Johan Schlasberg. Please contact me if you want to read the original version.

IDstory on Entré in Swedish and in English