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IDstories at Nodem in Helsingfors

TEMAN: IT | Innovationer

IDstories was nominated for a Nodem Award in 2004

"All people, places and things have a Story. IDstories makes it mobile"

The elusive Moment of Attention

In the Attention Economy, your products, ads and services will be in someone's focus for an increasingly shorter period of time.

See and act

IDstories makes it possible to turn an interest for more information into action.

It is like having a remote control for focused Stories and information.

Building bridges

A new wave of solutions will establish smart and personal bridges between the physical world and the digital world.

IDstories that started in 1997 and is based on several patents, is such a bridging service.

From vision to reality

It is very difficult to establish any new concept, service or get user adoption. We believe in ease of use, low cost, a combination of mobile phones and PC, and a globally functioning service where commercial and more cultural and educational applications use the same system.

The IDstories service

All Stories get a unique IDentity - an [ID].
This can be a name, digits, a barcode or an electronic product code embedded in an RFID-chip.

You send the [ID] to an IDstories server from your mobile phone, PDA or PC.

You get an e-mail with more information, weblinks and images. The [ID] serves as an Internet Door to focused Stories/info and more service.

Google helps you find something which you don't know where it is. IDstories gives you focused information about something you have already found.

IDstories at Kiasma- part 1

The Church of Sweden in Malmö is one of our earliest customers in the cultural sphere.

Visitors to the old cemetary will now find that some 15 graves have a sign (A5-format) with instructions of how to use your mobile phone to request more info about a person.

At the nearby piazza, there are similar signs for more info about sculptures, houses and shops.

Kiasma museum

Nodem Conference 2004

Nordic digital excellence in museums at Kiasma - Museum of Modern Art in Helsingfors - May 2004. IDstories was nominated for the Nodem Award 04 in the category portable/wireless. More info about Nodem homepage (Nordic digital excellence in museums).

IDstories gives you many choices:

• Read a Story in a 3G phone or via a broadband connection.
• Time-shifting; catch the mobile Story now and read it later.
• Send the mobile Story to yourself or a friend.
• Catch the IDstory with a mobile phone, a PDA or use our StorySender for PC.

For information owners

Customers Our customers are

organisations and people who "own" the information and mobile Story.

Users request and direct Stories for free. Our business model is based on annual subscriptions per mobile Story.

Complementing Channels

IDstories is basically an information request service. The quickly growing mobile channel will complement other ways of interacting with potential customers and interested people.

IDstories may deliver info, discount coupons and links to games, music and movies etc.

Creation and editing of Stories

Mobile IDstories are created by the info owners or their consultants.

IDstories does it occasionally. For large customers we design a Story Manager, in which you can edit and publish mobile IDstories.

Sponsored IDstories

In the cultural sphere, we think that sponsored mobile Stories is a promising financial model. We have started such a service in Sweden.

IDstories and museums

There is a before, at and after - when you visit a museum. IDstories helps to attract visitors and supports the learning process and enhances the user and family experience.

At outdoor objects or sites of interest, IDstories provides unique opportunities for finding out more. Sending an SMS is easy.

Nokia 5140

IDstories at Kiasma- part 2

Nokia, Philips and Sony are the founding companies of an area called NFC (Near Field Communication). It involves RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), which are small data chips, sometimes called tags, containing an ID.

Thanks to our good relations with Nokia, we showed how NFC in a not yet available new mobile phone - the Nokia 5140 - was used both for connection to Internet and to request a mobile Story. High-tech and augmented ease of use. Truly part of a new wave.

E-MAIL DIRECT: send for more information
Text idmnodem space an e-mail address
to +46 709 119 119 (IDstories)

History and update of this IDstory

We changed our name in May 2007 from 'IDmessage' to IDstories
The original text has been updated to our new name. Apart from that, the text above was written in a brochure in 2004.

The IDstories service is still active some 20 years later and has developed in many areas. Today people mostly find our IDstories by searching Google.

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