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Villa in Provence. Sold

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Now you have arrived and a new home awaits. Open!
Here you feel like you are in Provence. The boules court is glimpsed.
Hus i Provence
The Mediterranean is close, but a private pool - 4.5 x 11 m - pleases both children and adults. Although perhaps in different ways.

170 sqm in Fréjus / Saint Raphael

Aerial view
Small valley below the house and close to the forest on the right.
Aerial view
Red arrow is a path towards the small valley and the bus. Blue arrow, a shortcut to the forest.

The house is located high on a hillside in the ancient Roman city of Fréjus 30 km west of Cannes and Antibes. You do not see the Mediterranean Sea but the Ésterel mountains from several windows. In the evening, distant window lights twinkle on the hills. It takes just a little over five minutes to drive to the Mediterranean.

Upstairs are two large bedrooms, a study and a bathroom and a separate toilet. From two of the rooms you can go out on a terrace with a mile-wide view of the Esterel mountasins. Downstairs there are two bedrooms, bathroom, toilet and a large interconnecting living room, dining area and kitchen. It feels exciting to open the front door and enter the living room part with a sloping ceiling with strong beams, a top height of 5 meters and look out through a panoramic window through two mighty palm trees. Dining area and kitchen are a few steps up. The house was designed by a fairly famous architect and has many personal solutions. Classic Provencal - quite charming. Very nice neighbors.

Sales info, Price and Contact

The house wass owned by Fredrik and Johan Schlasberg and in September 2022 sold to a family in Paris.

Floor 1 and floor 2

plan 1
plan 2

Exterior images


Breakfast, lunch or dinner table. Pots with lemon trees and rosemary give color and finger scent. The barbecue is glimpsed.


Stop at the railing and look down on the pool and all the bushes and trees. On the other side of the plot there is a small valley with cork oaks, among other things. The pool machinery - recently serviced - with heat pump is located on the right below the ledge.


View to the west from the terrace. You can get there
from the bedroom "Bon appartement" - there hangs portraits of Napoleon and his wife Josephine.

View from the terrace on the second floor. In the evening the slope of light shines.

Halfway down to the pool there is a small, almost hidden, shortcut to the east side of the house. There is a storage room - a cabane - for garden tools and a place to dry laundry. A step is carved in the stone and a railing as a hand rest.

Outdoor laundry drying
A bench for morning sun, a small shed for garden tools. Look at the wooden post, it has four hooks on a crossbar and on two windows opposite hang four clotheslines for hooking up as needed. You can hang laundry barefoot without pebbles hurting you. Design can be everywhere. The door on the right leads to the dining area. Very practical.

Professionally laid out boules court, fun game even for happy amateurs:)

Interior images

insyn i provence

The shutters - les volets - are still open and you can see the dining table and behind it a stone wall at chest height. There you can hang out a bit and set beautiful dishes. At the far end, a kitchen can be seen.

Provencal style with new gas stove and new sink. Built-in refrigerator on the left
Living room.Exit to the large terrace to the right and to the 'short side' straight ahead.
View from the dining area which is two steps up.
bedroom downstairs
Bedroom with access to the terrace. Lithograph by Ola Billgren.
Built-in shower on the left
Visiting children played with balloons
Bedroom and study near the kitchen. Behind the camera and to the right when entering the room is a large bed.

Two directions

Follow us up to the second floor. The picture is a copy of a painting by world-famous Frank Stella. A study on the right and the master bedroom on the left.

master bedroom
Larger bedroom on the 2nd floor
bedroom no 2
Bedroom on the 2nd floor.
All bedrooms and the study have large fitted wardrobes.
bedroom no 2
Open the morning window.
No explanation needed.
Inspiring study

In the vicinity ...

There are about 15 golf courses in the area. In 10 minutes you can cycle to a nearby center - at the golf course 'Golf Valescure' - with a bakery that opens before you wake up, grocery store, vegetables, meat shop, fish shop, a 'cheese boutique' with cheeses, meat and more - like in an upscale shop in Paris, pharmacies and newspapers. You can get there through an open 'park forest' on a mountain bike (there are 2) if you want. Or walk.

Fréjus and Saint Raphael

Frejus et Saint Raphael
Fréjus and S:t Raphaël are almost one city

Saint Raphael is more fashionable than Fréjus, although it also has several blocks with southern French charm. From St. Raphael you can go by boat to St. Tropez - it takes about an hour.

Saint Raphael has a large selection of good shops and a nice cultural center. Needless to say, you can choose from many restaurants on the shores of the Mediterranean.

In Fréjus you will find the largest - or perhaps second largest - amphitheater outside Rome. It was completely renovated a few years ago.

Excursions in the region

postcard from Provence
A postcard from Fréjus

If you want to swim in the Mediterranean Sea, there are plenty of both sandy beaches and more rocky beaches a little to the east. To the east you will also find the landing site for one of the great operations of the Second World War - Operation Dragoon↗ enW . Över 300 000 soldater och 2.000 flygplan deltog i invasionen i juni 1944. Stranden är stenig och har mycket färre besökare än invasionsplatsen i Normandie, men är värt att både besöka och känna till.

References and service

In the years we rented out the house - until 2021 - the best reference was that many tenants, including some French families, came back several times and often tipped off their friends. Our landlord Lucien was close at hand to answer any questions about the house and the region.

Itineraries to Fréjus and Saint Raphael

On the way from Nice, if you come by plane, you first pass Antibes and Cannes and after about 30 km you reach Fréjus and Saint Raphael. Takes about 50 minutes by car. There is an excellent airport bus from Nice Airport to Fréjus center (Gare Routière) and Saint Raphael which has a train station with good connections to both local trains and those that take you further. The local bus to Saint Raphael / Fréjus stops 150 meters from the house.


View the area Frejus on a larger map.

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